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May 14, 2008

Bigotted Uneducated Jews?

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But those nice Jewish boys are usually so sweet! How could it be? Well, as it turns out, radical Jews are just as ignorant as any other religious radicals, blinded by their faith. It looks like some radical Jews have found a new enemy: Barack Hussein Obama. Obama’s allegiances are with Jesse Jackson Jr. and Louis Farrakhan, according to the site, so how can any self-respecting Jew even consider supporting Obama?

There is a whole “movement” now dedicated to “exposing the truth” about Obama. There is even a Facebook group with only 400+ members thus far.

This is straight from their website:

Unfortunately America has refused to win every single war she has fought after World War II. Our leaders have been more concerned about world opinion, sparing “innocent civilians” and “winning hearts and minds.” Israel has done the equivalent in her recent battle with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

This refusal to win wars is all due to the pernicious influence of the Left, which has gained a major foothold in the Democrat party in the U.S., as well as the European Union and Israel. Therefore, JTF is also opposed to domestic fifth columnists who attempt to undermine America’s and Israel’s will to defend themselves and to properly fight their wars. Barack Hussein Obama is an example of a fifth columnist. We have started Jews Against Obama to expose him as being just that.

No, it turns out that the Jews are capable of making baseless, unsupported claims without any regard to truth (or even an opposing point of view, for that matter). So yeah, the Jews are bigots, too.

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