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April 7, 2008

Unprovoked Capitalization for Jesus

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I really enjoy reading opposing views, on any topic, but I honestly enjoy reading others’ religious responses. Oftentimes, I find their views to be lacking in a verity of respects (most notably, logic), but one item of interest regularly startles me: Capitalization of Regular Vocabulary.

Why is it that Christians, Muslims, etc., always capitalize words such as, truth, gospel, holy, word, and reason? There many other examples (feel free to comment), but why is this done? Okay, some capitalization is obviously necessary. Jesus Christ — first and last name. Lord — proper title. Heaven and Hell — names of places, albeit imaginary. Holy Bible — title of an old book.

But today, I came across a post of a fellow atheist where he displayed an example of an email that capitalized “Good News.”

Really? Good news is not a title of anything. It’s not a place. It’s not even a day of the week or month. It is, quite simply, the opposite of “Bad News.” Why does it have to be capitalized? Do all religious people have the god-given right to capitalize every word they want? The line must be drawn Somewhere!

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April 3, 2008

Dear Sally Kern

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Sally, I have written to you on several occasions now, but I still haven’t received a reply. Is something wrong with your email? Maybe you need someone to help you with the fancy computer of Oklahoma? Why haven’t you answered me? WHY???

If I were one of your supporters, would you reply to me then? Anyway, Sally, I hope you take the time to reply. Here’s what I wrote the first time, on March 12th:


Hate speech in any form cannot be tolerated at ANY level of

government. Shame on you as a teacher and “representative” — you are

held to a higher standard, and you cannot preach bigotry.

As you can see, this is not an anonymous email, as I am encouraging

you to see that even people who are not directly impacted by your

views (me, a heterosexual male) do not respond positively to your

rhetoric, as exhibited on YouTube, and is all over the Internet.

Thank you,

Sally, I think you are too blind to see that god hates people like you. Any reasonable Jesus would not give up his own life to support a bigot… Your own bible tells you so. Open your eyes, Sally!

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April 1, 2008

How to Trap an Atheist?

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I found the following brilliant quote that I would like to share:

How to trap an atheist:

“Serve him a fine meal, then ask him if he believes there is a cook.”

Brilliant! Here are several minor revisions, all on the same line of thought (please feel free to add more, since the possibilities are endless):

“Put him on a flying airplane, and ask him if he believes there is an engineer.”
“Give him an apple, and ask him if he believes it sprung up from a seed.”
“Give him a paper and ask if he believes it came from a tree.”

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The Race Is On: Islam vs. Christianity

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Like any good race, it seems that this one has all the markings of a nail-biter. We have all the necessary components:

1) Islam, sponsored by Muslim radicals and clerics, led by the prophet Muhammad at the helm.
2) Christianity, sponsored by the Vatican, propelled by Jesus himself.
3) All other, apparently lessor, religions, trailing far behind.

According to the Vatican, Muslims have overtaken the lead (or market share of religious crazies), and are reproducing at an astonishing rate that, even the Christians cannot contend with.

I’m speculating here, but I have a hunch that the Vatican is going to promote abstinence rather any useful form of contraception, in an attempt to keep up.

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Does God Hate Ill Children?

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It seems to me, that there exists a direct correlation between fundamentalist religious beliefs and unnecessary child death. A conclusion can be drawn that the more prominent and literal the belief in <insert your favorite deity here>, the more that deity tests faith, by killing innocent kids.

Let’s look at this article, for example.

“Two followers of a fundamentalist Christian church that favours faith healing over conventional medicine are to be prosecuted for manslaughter after their daughter died of a treatable infection.

Carl and Raylene Worthington were indicted by a grand jury in Oregon’s Clackamas county following the death of their 15-month-old daughter Ava in March.

The toddler died of bronchial pneumonia and a blood infection, according to the state medical examiner’s office – both conditions that could have been treated with antibiotics.”

The notion that any rational human being living in the 21st Century, can believe that something other than medicine would heal illnesses, is a little hard to swallow. Apparently, there are plenty of people who would rather pray for miracles rather than save (or murder, depending on the point of view) an innocent 15-month-old life.

Okay, all rationality aside (for just a moment), let’s assume that your chosen deity actually cures the sick. Why not in this case? According to that god, the 15-month-old Ava therefore deserved to die, like a blood sacrifice? Furthermore, following the sacrifice, that deity then failed to protect it’s faithful followers by basically sending them to jail? What a horrible god! This particular god clearly hates its followers. Why would anyone believe in him?

Oh, right… I forgot that we cast rationality aside. Keep on praying, then! I’m sure that *your* flavor of god loves you and your kids more than Ava.

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March 31, 2008

National Day of… Bigotry?

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Some people would like you to believe that you are not praying enough. To fine-tune your prayer-ing, the “National Day of Prayer” website, wants you to pray seven days a week.

Here is what they say:

“Are you willing to commit to pray for our country seven days a week? Are you able to set aside time in your car, during your coffee break, or before bedtime? We want to challenge you make this prayer commitment. 7×7 involves praying for seven centers of power seven days a week:
Government, Military, Media, Business, Education, Church and Family. By remembering these specific prayer points, we can cover all Americans with God’s power. Together, we will see positive change!”

You see, all you have to do is PRAY, and everything will be much better.

Digging a little bit deeper, here’s what’s behind this:

“The heart of the National Day of Prayer are the 40,000 plus volunteers around the country who are planning events every year to unite the body of Christ in prayer. Behind these wonderful prayer warriors are the staff of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, led by Mrs. Shirley Dobson.”

Shirley Dobson, of course, is the wife of Dr. James Dobson, the founder and president of “Focus on the Family,” a right-wing evangelical Christian conservative organization.

In fact, after filtering through all the niceties on the site, here’s what you see:

“Please pray for the family to be preserved as the Lord intended ­ the marital
union of one man and one woman devoted to each other and to raising the children in their home to be responsible, caring adults. Also keep in
mind our elected leaders and the members of our judicial system as they consider proposed legislation and various court cases related to marriage and the family. This is one of the most crucial matters facing our nation, and it’s imperative that God’s people remain diligent in
intercession for these concerns.”

In other words, take the time out of your schedules and fill it with bigotry and discrimination against your neighbors. Repeat every day for seven days — until it really sinks in.

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Who Heals? Jesus vs. Medicine

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I recently came across this disturbing website that implies that Jesus Christ continues to heal people, and that,

“the physical healing aspects of Christianity, i.e. Jesus healing today, are more valuable than all medical therapies.”

In light of another, albeit much MORE disturbing article from a few days ago, where an innocent girl died of perfectly treatable diabetes because her parents PRAYED (for a month) instead of taking her to a doctor, the ideas brought to light on this site move into the realm of dangerous, if not criminal.

The site points to three (3) specific cases where prayer “miraculously” healed the afflicted. In two of the three cases, according to their own testimony, medicine played a pivotal role in the healing process.

Any reasonable person would understand that religion is not a replacement for medicine, but alas, to my dismay, this is not the case. In fact, it is simply appalling and self-centered to come to a conclusion that amongst all the horrible problems in the world, some kind of deity (be it Christ, Allah, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster) has taken the time out of his/her schedule to come to YOUR rescue. Instead of stopping the slaughter of innocent women and children in Darfur, for example, God has focused his/her time on removing the skin cancer from your body, because you went to a church and prayed. The 14 rounds of chemotherapy didn’t have anything to do with your “miraculous” recovery.

I understand the need for hope, particularly during great times of adversity, and I respect people’s beliefs in whatever made-up, ridiculous thing they want. I understand that medicine is not foolproof, and is capable of making errors, as it relies on personal expertise and experience of a particular doctor (of your choosing). I concede the fact that there have been numerous documented cases where truly inexplicable events have occurred. With that being said, however, I am absolutely convinced that the following statement is a complete and utter lie, straight from the JesusHealsToday website:

“Even if it’s the most dreadful diagnosis, Jesus is your Solution. We’ve worked with people suffering with diseases ranging from cancer to diabetes. Time and again we’ve seen that Jesus still heals today!”

Jesus, Allah, Zeus, and every other deity, is simply too busy resolving much more pertinent issues to fix your ailment. Unfortunately, you’ll have to rely on medicine and science to get through your disease — or risk death, just like that little girl in Wisconsin who’s parents killed her with their ignorance.

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April 16, 2004

Jehova’s Last Visit

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Let me tell you something, people…

I would like to know if everyone in the corporate world is experiencing this, but here, we are cutting back on costs of everything. When I first started working here, we used to have breakfast served to us during morning meetings. Then, in 2001, they cut that down to just juice, coffee, and bagels. Then in 2002, we got nothing at all. “But Alex,” you say — “it’s only breakfast; at least you still have your job.” Okay, fine — that’s just breakfast, but where does it end?

Our old CEO just received his golden parachute valued around $30M. I say we cut back THERE! Instead of giving these crazy amounts of money to ONE person, we divide it all and buy me breakfast at my morning meetings! 😀 That’s just my idea… Nobody else’s. Oh yeah, along the same lines, I suggest giving ME a golden parachute. I like that idea because I’m ready for retirement.

Speaking of retirement, these gas prices are costing me a fortune. The A6 (apparently) works just fine on REGULAR octane gasoline, despite the high octane recommendation by the Audi dealership. If it’s running just the same on regular gas, why in the world would I spend an extra $5 for high octane gas? I just don’t understand… The A6, by the way, is NOT a performance automobile. It’s a luxury (read: “old-people”) sedan. No old person ever drove that thing past 65 mph. There is NO need to put high octane gas in this car. So now, I’m going to save a total of $15 per month. WOOO!!! Early retirement is just THAT much closer. Freakin’ CRAP!

And another thing… A Jahova’s witness guy “dropped by” my house the other day. Not knowing that he was CRAZY, I let him in the house — to chat about this and that. We discussed lots of interesting topics such as:

* Why it is so important to read (and live by) the bible.

* Why atheists — such as myself — are going to hell.

* Why atheists — such as myself — are slowly destroying the world.

* How I have nothing to “look forward to” after death.

* And other incredibly-interesting topics.

In response, I politely told him that I didn’t come to his house to discredit his beliefs, so he shouldn’t come to mine to discredit mine, and asked him to go away. He did not. I suggested that he read “Homer’s Iliad” because he might find striking similarities between the stories he believes in and the stories he will read in that book, and he said that “it’s on the list of books he is prevented from reading by his faith.” I find that to be really interesting — a faith that *prevents* you from reading materials that might contain controversial material. Anyway, he left when I told him I had to get back to watching Simpsons.

Lessons learned: Simply referencing “The Simpsons” can get you out of sticky situations. Oh, and the A6 doesn’t need high octane gas. And most importantly, I want a golden parachute so I can finally retire… Or bagels for breakfast.

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